[Taxacom] Pancratium - Ipomea...an other request

Olga De Castro odecastr at unina.it
Fri Jul 24 09:41:44 CDT 2009

My dear Collegues of Mediterranean Area,
you are of great help for my specimens requests (the first was about Celtis tournefortii and the second was about Cyperus polystachyos....this is in progress).

I want bother you a little for an other 2 requests (because it is summer...).

1), if you seen Pancratium maritimum, please can you send me a small portion of leaves. I have finished the phylogeny of genus, and by my results, I would like to study its phylogeography..

2) the same, for Ipomea stolonifera (= imperati).

Thank you for your patience with me.

Best holiday,
all the best


Dr. Olga De Castro (Staff Scientist - Research Botanist)
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