[Taxacom] Phylogenetic classification? (and a masterpiece by Knox)

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I've published a fair amount on the abductive nature of cladistic inference. Problem is, the data that are the effects that compel one to abductively infer a hypothesis have no relation to the test evidence that would be required to test that hypothesis. We're not 'stuck with that inference' - we just don't go the required extra steps of seeking the relevant test evidence, which could never be just more shared similarities.


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On a point of order, philosophy of science does recognise a process known as "Inference to the Best Explanation". The result may, of course, be regarded as simply the best hypothesis around for subsequent testing; but if you've used all your data already, you're stuck with that inference as your best available "truth of the matter". A cladogram can be regarded as such an inference; but, unfortunately, it refers to a pretty restricted "matter".

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