[Taxacom] Order Diptera classification

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Mon Jul 27 07:21:39 CDT 2009

Hi Don and Stephen,
       Actually I presented a very preliminary classification of Order
Diptera here on Taxacom in March 2004, in which I recognized 3 Suborders
(Nematocera, of course, being the paraphyletic basal group).  As you can
see below, I coded Nematocera clade 8 (Family Anisopodidae) as sister
group to clade 9 (the Brachycera clade).  Whether that is correct or
not, I don't know (and I haven't had time to work on dipteran
classification since then).    
      But if the actual sister group of Brachycera turns out to be
another family (or group of families), I will simply change the coding
for Nematocera to reflect the new topology.  In any case, Suborder
Nematocera is still alive and kicking.  Whether one wants to recognize a
single Suborder Brachycera, or subdivide it into two suborders
(Orthorrhapa and Cyclorrhapa) is just a minor matter which is fine with
me either way.  Perhaps I should make it a single Suborder Brachycera if
it will make the strict cladists happier.  :-)
                           Ken Kinman      

  1 Nematocera% (primitive flies)
          1 Tanyderidae
          B Ptychopteridae
          2 Thaumaleidae
          b Simuliidae
          c Ceratopogonidae
          d Chironomidae
          B Dixidae
          C Corethrellidae
          D Chaoboridae
          E Culicidae
          3 Nymphomyiidae
          B Deuterophlebiidae
          C Blephariceridae
          4 Tipulidae (sensu lato)
          5 Psychodidae
          ? Axymyiidae
          6 Perissommatidae
          7 Pachyneuridae
          B Bibionidae
          C Mycetophilidae
          D Cecidomyiidae
          ? Rangomaramidae
          E Sciaridae
          8 Anisopodidae 
          9 {{Brachycera}}   (= Orthorrhapa +

  _1_ Orthorrhapa% (primitive brachyceran flies)         
          1 Pantophthalmidae 
          B Xylomyidae
          C Stratiomyidae
          2 Vermileonidae
          3 Xylophagidae
          B Ragionidae
          ? Austroleptidae
          ? Spaniidae
          C Athericidae
          D Tabanidae
          4 Acroceridae
          B Nemestrinidae
          5 Bombyliidae
           6 Empididae%
         _a_ Dolichopodidae
           7 {{Cyclorrhapa}} 

  _1_ Cyclorrhapa (derived brachyceran flies)          
    1 Platypezidae 
           B Opetiidae
           C Lonchopteridae
           D Ironomyiidae
           E Phoridae
           2 Syrphidae
           B Pipunculidae
           3 Conopoid families
              Tephritoid families
              Nerioid families
              Diopsoid famlies
           A Lauxanioid families
              Sciomyzoid families
           A Sphaeroceroid families
              Ephydroid families
              Opomyzoid families
              Carnoid families
           A Hippoboscoid families
              Muscoid families
              Oestroid families 

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