[Taxacom] Itinerant taxonomy

Gail Kampmeier gkamp at uiuc.edu
Thu Jul 30 20:34:55 CDT 2009

So this is your one phone call?  It will be a long day! G'luck mate :-)  --Gail

>Paraphrasing a reported conversation in an unnamed low-lying coastal
>northern european country...
>Customs official: Good morning sir.
>An Australian traveller: G'day
>Custom's official: ...
>Custom's official: ...
>Custom's official: and why are you entering the country?
>An Australian traveller: I'm 'ere for th' workshop of th' European
>Distributed Institute of Taxonomy ... yada yada yada...  international
>agreement... yada yada yada... technical collaboration... yada yada
>yada...  taxonomists... yada yada yada... taxanomy... yada yada
>yada... research... yada yada yada...  taxonomic... yada yada yada...
>Customs official: I have no idea what taxonomy is.  I was going to say
>'have a nice day', but somehow I do not think that is going to happen.
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