[Taxacom] Conference: Systematics 2009 - approaching deadlines

Hovenkamp, P. (Peter) Hovenkamp at nhn.leidenuniv.nl
Tue Jun 2 05:34:29 CDT 2009

Approaching deadlines for Systematics 2009 (www.biosyst.eu).
There is just one month left to register at the regular fee for the
Systematics 2009 conference, 10-14 Agust, in Leiden, and one month to
submit a presentation. At the moment, there are still slots available
for both oral and poster presentation in the open sessions and in some
symposia, but availability may be limited to poster presentations for
late submissions. Inclusion of submissions received after June 30 cannot
be guaranteed. 
Please note that also all speakers in symposia and workshops need to
register their abstract in order to be included in the abstract book! 
Also note that an extra fee of 50 EURO will be enforced for late
registrations, irrespective of any reductions that may be applicable!
You can register and submit an abstract through the webpage
www.biosyst.eu. If you have problems in accessing this website, please
report this to Peter Hovenkamp (hovenkamp at nhn.leidenuniv.nl).
Peter Hovenkamp
Nationaal Herbarium Nederland, Leiden branch


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