[Taxacom] EDIT - taxonomy traineeships 2009-2010

Isa Vandevelde Isa.Vandevelde at naturalsciences.be
Wed Jun 3 07:22:04 CDT 2009

- Training programme in the framework of the "European Distributed 
Institute of Taxonomy" -

Dear all,

After a successful first year, EDIT is now launching the 2^nd call of 
the EDIT *Expert-in-training programme*,* *as a component of its Work 
Package 8 "Training and Public Awareness"*. *

For the 2009-2010 programme, EDIT offers 30 taxonomy trainings-on-the 
job in European EDIT and non-EDIT institutions.
EDIT provides a limited number of short-term grants. The traineeships 
are open to students and early career researchers studying or working at 
an EDIT institution or a European university/research institute.

All information can be found at: http://www.e-taxonomy.eu/node/60
Feel free to distribute the information to people whom you think might 
be interested in the programme.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
With best wishes,

Isabella Van de Velde


EDIT - Training & Public Awareness


__*EDIT Summer School 2009: 'From field to Web - studying biodiversity 
with the taxonomist's toolbox'*



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