[Taxacom] Bibliography of the Neuropterida, Version 8.00

John D. Oswald j-oswald at tamu.edu
Thu Jun 4 14:06:09 CDT 2009

The Lacewing Digital Library project team is pleased to announce the 
recent addition of its newest module — the Bibliography of the 
Neuropterida (BotN), Version 8.00 
(http://lacewing.tamu.edu/bibliography/). This latest version of the 
Bibliography contains an improved interface, expanded functionality, 430 
new citations and new links to 2300 additional neuropterid publications. 
The BotN now provides citations to >11,800 works and links to digital 
copies of >4300 neuropterid publications (>58,000 pages of text and 

PDFs containing the original publications of approximately 77% of the 
ca. 9300 available species-group names in the insect orders Neuroptera, 
Megaloptera and Raphidioptera are now available through the 
Bibliography, which covers both extant and fossil taxa. The Bibliography 
also provides access to many PDFs of 19th and early 20th Century authors 
(e.g., Hagen, Banks, Navás) that may be of interest to workers on other 
orders that were formerly included in earlier, broader, definitions of 
the Neuroptera.

Note to Webmasters: The new implementation of the Bibliography required 
a change to its long-standing URL. Please update any links to the 
Bibliography that may appear on your web pages to: 
http://lacewing.tamu.edu/bibliography/ (the former URL [currently still 
active] was: 

John Oswald

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