[Taxacom] decline and fall of taxonomy

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in my time as German National Focal Point of the CBD I put together some 
text on that you can find here:


Hubble works because it produces nice images, and space has an immanent 
fascination, see Star Trek, Alien, Star Wars blabla, though I always 
wonder how they get away with the complete uselessneess of their 
results. Or how did hubble solve an earthly problem...


Neil Snow wrote:
> I agree re marketing and recently encouraged colleagues in Colorado
> (where I worked previously) to make more concerted efforts at
> communicating exciting new discoveries (a number of new species, for
> example).  If taxonomists do not communicate our finds to the media, how
> are they to know?  See for example: 
> http://content.usatoday.net/dist/custom/gci/InsidePage.aspx?cId=colorado
> an&sParam=30037677.story
> http://www.9news.com/rss/article.aspx?storyid=109073
> http://www.hcn.org/blogs/goat/sitting-on-a-whole-new-species 
> Advertising works. Equally importantly, many people are highly
> interested in biodiversity and enjoy reading about these kinds of
> discoveries. 
> NS
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> I think there are two issues that contribute to this problem
> 1) Marketing - Taxonomists are not very good at demonstrating how their
> work
> is valuable. Look at how the Hubble Telescope has changed how people
> think
> of Astronomy.
> ...
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