[Taxacom] ZooKeys effort is an attempt to full life cycle publishing model

Vishwas Chavan (GBIF) vchavan at gbif.org
Mon Jun 15 08:02:29 CDT 2009

Hi Niel,


Naturally, we are aware about good examples of semantic enhancements
published before. Rich Pyle's paper in Zootaxa and also some other of this
kind (including such published in ZooKeys before) are cited and credited in
the forum paper published in the same issue


On the example of Miller et al. (2009) paper, ZooKeys offered a simple model
of data publishing and proposed a concept for publication, identification
and citation of datasets in taxonomy. Let's look at the sample paper as an
attempt to establish and test a full-life-cycle publishing model, from the
submission of manuscript through publication to dissemination, indexing and
citation of the underlying data. The semantic enhancements are just
important additional features to the model.


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