[Taxacom] decline and fall of taxonomy

Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Mon Jun 15 20:33:08 CDT 2009

Neil Snow wrote:
> Advertising works. Equally importantly, many people are highly
> interested in biodiversity and enjoy reading about these kinds of
> discoveries.

Yup. Then there are the others, like this lady, responding chastisingly in
the letters to the editor about a Wellington newspaper article on the
Antarctic biodiversity research carried out by a certain NZ institute.

"Scientists act like children

Do we have to know everything about everything, just because we can?
Once again, XXXX* scientists have disturbed the peaceful world of deep-sea
creatures by hauling 40,000 of them to the surface, thereby killing them.
I'd be surprised if even one of these so-called samples will contribute
dramatically to the wellbeing of humankind. They have been killed to
satisfy curiosity, nothing more. I can imagine how much 26 staff on an
ice-strengthened ship for five weeks cost the taxpayer. These people
operate at the level of children who would put a cockabully in a jar and
take it home to die.

Shame on them.

Ouch :-(

[* an organization for which I am not a spokesperson]


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