[Taxacom] decline and fall of taxonomy

Fabian Haas fhaas at icipe.org
Tue Jun 16 03:38:54 CDT 2009

I should have been more specific. All the GPS and remote sensing stuff 
is esssential for communication, environmental planning, monitoring what 
not. The thing I was refering to 'complete uselessness' is when they 
look into deep space. How does it -practically- matter if there is a 
super nova in this or that corner of the galaxy. How old the solar 
system is, how many galaxies are there, and if there is black matter???

Intellectually challenging and interesting problems, but we cannot do 
anything about it anyway, and it does not bring me quicker to my working 
place or heals more people with less costs or what ever. So, as 
taxonomist we are almost threatend daily because there seem to be no 
practically useful results (to wich I dont agree) and these guys get 
millions to look in the dark night and watch star, with out a trace of 
usefull results.

Thats the point I wanted to make.

Frederick W Schueler wrote:
> Fabian Haas wrote:
>>  space has an immanent fascination, though I always 
>> wonder how they get away with the complete uselessneess of their 
>> results. 
> * GPS? Useless to sytematics?
> fred.
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