[Taxacom] decline and fall of taxonomy

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There are other factors than number of taxonomists and cyberinfrastructure, important as they may be. 
How about "subprofessionals"? These are the critically important people who assist us "workers" by mounting specimens, filing them, preparing loans and paperwork, and so on. The Steere Report (remember all the white papers prepared in the '80s providing what they considered solutions  back then?) I think it was used the term subprofessionals, not me. 
How about Open Access? This is a legal and commercial problem, not IT, and there is a way many use to home-grow it. I encourage everyone to mount a pdf of their papers on a public Web site so we can search the Web for the whole thing. I've decided that it is okay to publish my own papers in less well-known journals because complete pdfs of articles are found on the Web just as readily if mounted by their authors as reprints whether they are published in popular journals or not.
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"The major limiting factor in taxonomic productivity is the number of
taxonomic workers, not how fast they work."

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