[Taxacom] Sharing - a practical question

Mary Barkworth Mary at biology.usu.edu
Wed Jun 17 08:32:12 CDT 2009

I have over the years arranged for the translation into English of a few
articles. I have made 2.1 of these available at
http://herbarium.usu.edu/translate. (Posting of the translation on
Oplismenus is underway; posting of the translation on Triticeae will
have to wait for now). These translations gave me what I needed,
information on what the author decided or thought about the taxa
concerned. They are not marked up so that people or machines can
discover the names they contain, locate the descriptions in them, etc.
etc. My goal in posting them is simply to save others who are as
language-impaired as I am to find out what the authors of the articles
had to say. It is not the names that matter so much as the ideas and
what led to them that I see as important, in other words the article. So
- how do I - and others who have similar resources - make these
available so that they are easily discovered by the new taxonomic
infrastructure? I am not wanting to form groups for this purpose.  

PS - I think both IPNI and TROPICOS probably have all the names- they
are old articles. Younger than many of us, but old as articles go. 

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