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The article by Boegh is disconcerting. Sure we are losing taxonomists
and sure untrained personnel are stepping in. On the other hand, Poison
Control centers have acceptable (to them) experts in the community on
call. Governments have acceptable (to them) experts in environmental
consulting firms. Why get Boeghed down in more red tape? Who will
certify people like Boegh? (Do we need a Suggestion Police to prevent
well-meaning people from committing similar suggestions in public?)

Yes, taxonomy needs to be treated seriously, and expertise cherished by
Society. Certification by a non-academic institution seems likely to
increase the numbers of bad taxonomists, particularly those without
college degrees. I know many excellent amateur plant identifiers. Will
all these be certifiable? To do more than identify plants? Exactly what
in addition to identifying plants?

My wife says, "Is this the start of a guild that you must belong to in
order to get a job? We need a combination of many synergistic
facilities, in personnel and information, a culture of systematics."

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Please look at this article on certifying taxonomic workers:


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