[Taxacom] code and geography questions

Dr. David Campbell amblema at bama.ua.edu
Thu Jun 18 12:28:41 CDT 2009

> The Codes of course have rules to prevent homonyms (at least within 
kingdom), but that doesn't mean homonyms didn't/don't get into the 

Having an author name may also help in figuring out typos.  

I have a question related to non-homonymity within a kingdom-which code 
claims stromatolites?  There's a stromatolite name that's a junior 
homonym of a snail.  I expect that stromatolites are under botanical 
rules, but as protist/prokaryote accumulations, often photosynthetic in 
part, their assignment seems a bit problematical.    

Also, anyone with insights into 19th century German geographic usage?  
Is "Ostindien" in Kobelt, 1880, Illustrirtes Conchylienbuch eastern 
India, or might it encompass additional areas further east and south, 
e.g. east Indies or southeast Asia?  Kobelt validates a nude name 
(Lymnaea bulla Benson) that was originally reported from eastern India, 
but that wouldn't guarantee that Kobelt had a specimen from the same 
locality, and Kobelt's figure looks more like some of the southeast 
Asian forms.

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