[Taxacom] Citing taxonomical works

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It is also useful to indicate on annotation slips the "Source". In the
example given previously by Weakly, "Source: Campbell (1981)" is

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   I fully agree that having a clearly defined concept of a species is
important.  Your suggestion 

"The kind of useage I'm suggesting is something similar to: "Names and 
species concepts follow Cody & Britton (1989 [Ferns of Canada]), except 
in the case of Dryopteris squechili, which we regard, with Donald (2009)

as an autotretraploid...""

makes it clear just exactly what you are talking about, and people do
this.  If you deal with species that have been well treated by previous
workers, it might seem silly to use the original author's name, but if
you deal with species that have not been worked up by previous workers
it becomes obvious that you need to include the author to avoid
potential confusion.  


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