[Taxacom] Sub-professionals

Phil Jenkins pjenkins at email.arizona.edu
Tue Jun 23 11:14:43 CDT 2009

I've been watching all the messages go by the last few days, and have seen
the word "subprofessional" go by, tossed around like it was a well-known and
well-defined object that was immediately recognizable on sight. I have a MS.
in the taxonomy of a small group. I am a Curatorial Specialist, Senior, our
Human Resources tell me. I identify a few thousand plants a year for
agencies, students, the Veterinary Diagnostic Lab, Poison Control, the
public and at times for consultants (who get charged for the service). I
work in a herbarium that will be a half a million specimens before I retire.
I spend most of my time identifying plants from bales of hay, stomach
contents, and scraps from people who "wouldn't dream of hurting a native
plant". I take on all comers. Since I don't have a PhD. in Systematics, nor
am I the Director of the herbarium I work in, I'd like to ask if I am "one
of them". A subprofessional. Is there a consensus out there? Thanks for
helping me to better understand my identity.
Phil Jenkins  ARIZ

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