[Taxacom] Robust argument

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Well, that morphology which is a combination of genetics plus
environment is only partly in the genome. The environment part is not

And it's not just our inability to decipher that which is in the genome,
there's 2nd law of thermodynamics and maybe Heisenberg uncertainty that
limits how much can be stored given the method and time of storage.
Reminds of Laplace's idea that if we know the vector's of all movement
in the universe at any one time, we should be able to retrodict the past
and predict the future. I think it's been shown that a billiard ball
cannot be predicted well beyond the fourth bounce from the cushion,
perhaps DNA has the same limitation given a constant (by which I mean
inexorable) though heterogeneous rate of mutation.

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The point I was trying to make was that there is nothing phylogentically
informative about morphology that is not *somewhere* in the genome --
independent of our ability to  decipher the information.

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