[Taxacom] panbiogeography critique

Fet, Victor fet at marshall.edu
Sun Jun 28 14:24:59 CDT 2009

>>>>>>No, it is you who miss the point, I specifically included Leon as
non-comparable.  If you want someone to compare to, Trofim Lysenko is a
better example given the players. 

Dr. Ivie - can I politely cut into the exciting fray and vehemently object to your overreaching comparisons? 

Lysenko, whose name may be less known to the young people on the Taxacom, besides being a quack, was an avid and criminal henchman of a dictator Stalin, personally guilty in suppression, misery, exile, imprisonment and death of thousands of people, including my late teacher Yuli Kerkis. 

Croizat should not be even remotely compared to such "players" even in jest (and I doubt that he would join Hugo Chvez to offer a Bolivarist biology).
Victor Fet
Marshall University

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