[Taxacom] panbiogeography critique

mivie at montana.edu mivie at montana.edu
Sun Jun 28 14:31:40 CDT 2009

>>>>>>>No, it is you who miss the point, I specifically included Leon as
> non-comparable.  If you want someone to compare to, Trofim Lysenko is a
> better example given the players.

Yikes, you are correct.  I was referring to his scientific contributions,
which probably started out well meaning, then proved wrong-headed but he
would not back down and he ended up being dogmatically supported by a
vocal but mislead group of advocates. His crimes in the political realm
were horrible, and were not at all what I had in mind.  Thank you for
pointing out my error,

With appologies,

Michael Ivie

> Dr. Ivie - can I politely cut into the exciting fray and vehemently object
> to your overreaching comparisons?
> Lysenko, whose name may be less known to the young people on the Taxacom,
> besides being a quack, was an avid and criminal henchman of a dictator
> Stalin, personally guilty in suppression, misery, exile, imprisonment and
> death of thousands of people, including my late teacher Yuli Kerkis.
> Croizat should not be even remotely compared to such "players" even in
> jest (and I doubt that he would join Hugo Chvez to offer a Bolivarist
> biology).
> Victor Fet
> Marshall University

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