[Taxacom] Why I do this, and Why you should too -- The End

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Mon Jun 29 14:18:01 CDT 2009

My sympathies to Michael Ivie. I did not know that this was such a
strain for him. I am naturally disappointed that we could not discuss
novel geological predictions made by non-panbiogeographic methods.

I did try to address points raised by Ivie and I am naturally
disappointed that my efforts have been dismissed as "rather helpless
whimpering of quoting incoherent paragraphs of holy texts"

It's been a long time since I read Cracraft's critique, but Ivie has
stimulated my curiosity and I will take another look.

The bottom line - beyond any argument about texts and reading is that
Croizat got it right about tectonics. I keep harping on about that, but
that's the empirical reality. That is what Ivie seems to be avoiding in
his responses.

Never the end, always a beginning.

John Grehan

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> Dear Taxacomers,
> Any of you who are still reading this stuff must be wondering why I
> at it?  They are now down to the rather helpless whimpering of quoting
> incoherent paragraphs of holy texts, but however down, still not out.
> Well, thank you to the many who have written off list to support me,
> it is time more of you stepped up and participated.
> Why? I believe in teaching by the narrative, and so will share why I
> jumped in this time (I generally just delete anything he posts).  A
> student actually told me that he thought panbiogeography must have
> something going for it because John Grehan posted so much on TAXACOM,
> that people were so respectful of his views!  At that point, I
> that silence was taken by the naive, inexperienced and isolated as
> agreement.
> Debate the fallacy of that logic all you want, and no one will
> with you, but the trap was lain.
> I have spent a large amount of time the last few days, and taken a lot
> yours, to try to show the cult nature of this pseudo-science.  It
> on authority, circularity, cherry-picking of certain outcomes and holy
> texts, plus the missionary zeal and diversionary tactics of its chief
> proponents exposes it for what it is.  The tactic of going sideways
> logically pinned is what happens when those same type of people press
> door bell and want to just "discuss things" with you.
> It is now your turn to show the susceptible among us where you stand.
> am finished, my efforts, poor as they have been, are what I have.
> Michael Ivie
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