[Taxacom] hominid evidence

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Tue Jun 30 10:44:53 CDT 2009

Fred is right in anticipating other misfits. They often get downplayed
because other parts fit and that is enough. I've sometimes thought about
compiling examples, but never have the time. In hominid origins there
have been some molecular trees supporting humans and chimpanzees, but
then have incongruous results for other primate taxa, and some that are
congruent for primate taxa, but incongruent for other mammals.


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> John Grehan wrote:
> > The great thing about publicity is that it can force people to
> > when they otherwise whould not have to. The MSNBC article shows that
> >
> > http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/31624027/ns/technology_and_science
> >
> > "The DNA evidence <http://www.livescience.com/dna/>  is so strongly
> > against it," said Frans de Waal, director of the Living Links Center
> > the Yerkes National Primate Research Center of Emory University in
> > Atlanta. "It's a leftover from the days that bones ruled, but they
> > anymore."
> * I think what this debate lacks is a pattern, or track, into which
> Pan/Homo/Pongo genetics/morphology disparity can be fit.
> Surely, Taxacomers, are there other cases where genetic and
> morphological phylogenies are puzzlingly disparate. If these were to
> sent to John, he/we could see if there's a pattern into which the
> hominid situation fits. It would be indecently un-Copernican to assert
> that there's a unique disparity between genetics and morphology in our
> own recent ancestry.
> fred.
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