[Taxacom] Intuition in taxonomy

Thomas G. Lammers lammers at uwosh.edu
Mon Mar 2 09:51:11 CST 2009

I concur and suggest that this post might well form the nucleus of a 
commentary to Taxon.

I have always justified traditional taxonomy as science because it tests 
hypotheses.  Classifications are hypotheses of relationships.  They 
generate predictions (e.g., :all members of this genus will fall into one 
of three subgenera).  These predictions can be tested by examining a data 
type not used in their original construction, by adding new taxa to the 
classification, or by re-evaluating old data.

At 09:32 AM 3/2/2009, Richard Zander wrote:
>Here is my argument, after some digging in a dictionary: ... In sum, the 
>classifications of apha taxonomy are not intuitive, but are inferential 
>and central.

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