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Maybe we need to distinguish between guidance from theory and a priori guidelines. Guidance from theory means that there is a best grouping, one that maximizes what we know or infer about a taxon's evolution, relation with a habitat, biogeography over time, etc. IMO, anyway. 

A priori, on the other hand, can mean or imply set ideas, essentialism, typology, which I agree are non-rigorous and should be identified and something better substituted if possible. But "something better" is not necessarily a solution provided by a method that provides more detail at least in part through empty accuracy. Although parsimony is a wonderful non-ultrametric clustering method incorporating a simple model of evolution, and the results often match in general with molecular analyses, linkage in evolutionary selection between 2 or more traits means that details of parsimony analysis are far from assured.

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Well, your colleague perhaps had in mind that any grouping of "individuals" into "sets" involve a level of voluntary decision. This is due to the obvious truth that any universe of individual things can be internally grouped by (many) different ways and that there is no a-priori rule that would make one grouping superior to others. In this sense, "classification" is not fully scientific task. This is coming more subtle when coming to species-concept issues but the everyday experience is that there are still different species concepts leading to different taxonomies (without any convincing trend to agreement, IMHO, at least in some fields).


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