[Taxacom] SSB Awards for Graduate Student Research

James Whitfield jwhitfie at life.uiuc.edu
Mon Mar 2 19:08:44 CST 2009

This is the second announcement of the SSB Graduate Student Research Awards.

Society of Systematic Biology Awards Available

Awards for Graduate Student Research

The Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB) announces the 2009 annual
Graduate Student Research Awards competition. The purpose of these 
awards is to assist students in the initiation (first two years) of 
their systematics projects and in the collection of preliminary data to 
pursue additional sources of support (e.g., Doctoral Dissertation 
Improvement Grants from the National Science Foundation) or to enhance 
dissertation research (e.g., by visiting additional field collection 
sites or museums). Applicants may be from any country, but must be 
members of SSB, and are advised to join the Society as soon as possible 
to facilitate their applications (to join go to: 
http://systbio.org/?q=node/6). Previous awardees may not re-apply, but 
previous applicants who were not selected for funding are encouraged to 
re-apply. Awards will range between $1,200 and $2000 and approximately 
seven awards will be made.

All application materials must be in electronic format. Applicants and
their recommenders are strongly encouraged to use pdf format, rather 
than Word or some other application, to minimize difficulties in file 
transfer. We strongly recommend that applicants send all materials 
(except letters of reference) in a single pdf file. Letters of 
recommendation should be sent separately by the referees in pdf format 
or in the text of an e-mail; please include the full name of applicant 
in letters of recommendation.

Applicants must submit
	1. curriculum vitae (one page)
	2. brief research proposal including objectives, methods,
		significance, and schedule (max. three single-spaced
		pages including literature cited and any figures and
	3. budget and budget justification (1 page)
	4. two letters of recommendation; one letter must be from the
		student's current graduate advisor.

The research proposal must clearly state the current stage of the 
proposed research and the current year and status of the student. Please 
include e-mail contacts for the applicant in the application itself. 
Both Masters and Ph.D. students are eligible. Systematics is interpreted 
broadly to include questions below and above the species level, 
molecular and morphological approaches, and issues of pattern and 
process. Funding is not limited to any particular aspect of research, 
but rather is available for field, museum/herbarium, and/or laboratory 
work. Please email all application materials and queries to SSB Award 
Committee ssb-apps at life.illinois.edu. In the subject line of the email, 
please indicate the SSB Student Research.

To be considered for this year's award, application materials, including
letters of recommendation, must be received electronically no later than
March 31, 2009.

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