[Taxacom] help from Argentina

Virginia Bianchinotti vbianchi at uns.edu.ar
Wed Mar 4 09:23:41 CST 2009

Good morning and thank you very much to all who answer!

See the ? material at http://www.vbianchi.webs.com/

Thanks again


Dra. María Virginia Bianchinotti

Laboratorio de Estudios Básicos y Biotecnológicos en Algas y Hongos (LEBBAH)
Edificio E-1, CRIBABB (CONICET) - 
Camino La Carrindanga, Km 7. 
Tel: 54 (0291) 4861124, Fax: 54 (0291) 4861527 
8000 - Bahía Blanca. 

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