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Hello Taxacomers,

Keith Seifert solved the quiz! Look at his answer below

Thanks to him and to Scott Readhead!


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I asked my colleague, Keith Seifert, and he replied as follows:

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Scott, perhaps you can send this message on. I'm not sure how to respond:

I believe the organism illustrated is Harpagomyces lomnicki, and extremely 
obscure organism of unknown affinities (despite the -myces name, it is 
unlikely to be a fungus). Here is the text on this genus from the book I am 
working on about genera of moulds, which includes as far as I know the only 
published reference to the organisms (at least under this name).

Harpagomyces Wilcz. 1911 -- Kosmos (Lvov) 36: 314 (314-316, Figs 1-4) / H. 
lomnickii Wilcz. 1911
Notes: Recorded as a contaminant from culture, the illustration in the 
protologue, of irregularly branched structures with hook-like appendages, 
makes it unlikely that this was a fungus.

I can provide a scan of the publication if required.

If someone else recognizes this organism as something else (like an alga) 
known in other literature, then it might solve a mystery for me also.


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