[Taxacom] Pauai, Benguet, Luzon

Knut Rognes knut at rognes.no
Mon Mar 9 08:42:57 CDT 2009

I found Benguet, Philippines (Luzon) on Google Earth
[4.3.7204.0836 (beta)]

Ca. 16d 25m 10s N / 120d 37m 12s E

near Baguio city.

There is also a place with that name within Manila

No result for Pauai.

Knut Rognes
University of Stavanger, Norway

At 15:12 06.03.2009 -0600, Thomas G. Lammers wrote:

>Anyone familiar with this locale?  I can find it on no on-line gazateer or
>atlas.  I think it might be a mountain peak.  Is it near/same as Mount
>Santo Tomas?
>Thanks for you help.
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