[Taxacom] 2400 Years of Malacology

Richard Petit r.e.petit at worldnet.att.net
Tue Mar 10 08:03:18 CDT 2009

We are pleased to announce the posting, on the website of the American Malacological Society, of the Sixth Edition of the following publication: 
Eugene V. Coan, Alan R. Kabat & Richard E. Petit (2009), “2,400 Years of Malacology,” online at: 
This publication of over 830 pages is a comprehensive catalog of biographical and bibliographical papers on malacologists, conchologists, paleontologists, and others with an interest in mollusks. 
Since the posting of the first five editions, we have received comments and additions from a number of colleagues - for which we are most grateful - and we have continued our own searching through the literature. Hence, the Sixth edition is significantly longer than the previous editions. This edition is fully searchable, as were all of the previous editions. 
In particular, an increasing number of important historical and reference works in malacology are being digitized and made available online, and we have provided the Internet addresses (links) for these publications, although we note that these addresses are subject to unpredictable changes as webmasters redesign web pages. 
We have also prepared a separate annex with collations of a number of malacological works that were published over a multi-year period, so that the date of publication of a given page or plate can be readily determined. This annex is linked to the biographical entries for the authors of those works.
This catalog is a work in progress, and we plan to continue posting updated versions on a periodic basis. We encourage readers to continue exploring and using this catalog, and we look forward to receiving your comments, and citations to new or overlooked papers. If you have published biographical or historical papers that you think should be included, or you know of relevant papers by others, then please inform us. Particularly for individuals for whom little or no published information is available, we have added short “notes” indicating their general field of research, collecting interests, or present repository of their collections.
Gene Coan 
Alan Kabat 
Richard Petit


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