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Subject: 	Announcing: World Gesneriad Research Conference 2010
Date: 	Tue, 10 Mar 2009 16:40:07 -0400
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The Gesneriad Research Center at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is 
pleased to announce

*World Gesneriad Research Conference 2010*

WGRC 2010 will be a three-day scientific meeting to be held in Sarasota, 
Florida in September or October 2010 focused on research in 
Gesneriaceae. Experts and students are invited to make presentations 
about research on Gesneriaceae and to discuss, promote and plan for 
continued research-based advancements in this important plant family. 
Plant enthusiasts and horticulturalists will also be encouraged to 
attend the presentations and to
participate in discussion groups. Associated activities such as field 
trips will be a major part of WGRC 2010; these activities will be open 
to all conference attendees.

We are soliciting ideas and proposals for activities at WGRC 2010. 
Possible topics of interest include systematics, biogeography and 
ancestral range history, taxonomy and monography, pollination biology 
and ecology, conservation, horticulture, etc.


John L. Clark, University of Alabama
John R. Clark, Gesneriad Research Center
Eric H. Roalson, Washington State University
Laurence E. Skog, Smithsonian Institution

Bruce K. Holst, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
Jeanne Katzenstein, The Gesneriad Society, Inc.
Melissa McDowell, Suncoast Chapter, The Gesneriad Society, Inc.
Peter Shalit, The Gesneriad Society, Inc.


To participate and/or to receive additional information please send an 
email to the Committee Chair, John R. Clark, at 
gesneriadresearch at gmail.com <mailto:gesneriadresearch at gmail.com> by 15 
April 2009 with the following information:

Name, Institution, mailing and email address, current position.

Research Interests.

Symposia concept(s).

How you wish to participate (poster, oral presentation, symposium chair, 

Which month you prefer the conference to be held (September or October 

Potential conflicts that should be considered (e.g., other meetings).

NOTE: Please forward this mailing to other researchers and students that 
may be interested in participating. You may receive this message more 
than once.


WGRC 2010 Steering Committee

John R. Clark, Ph.D.
Committee Chair
World Gesneriad Research Conference 2010
Director, Gesneriad Research Center
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens
811 S. Palm Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34236
office: 941.366.5731 ext. 256
fax: 941.951.1474
Email: gesneriadresearch at gmail.com <mailto:gesneriadresearch at gmail.com>

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