[Taxacom] Mollusca, major subdivisions (Lipocephala and Glossophora)

Geoff Read gread at actrix.gen.nz
Thu Mar 12 16:41:14 CDT 2009

Lankester seems to have held a firm opinion on many things, but
unfortunately he absolutely did not believe in Spiritualism so I am at a
loss for a means of contact to confirm this point for you Ken.  :)

By the way a nice commentary on Lankester is in:

Richard, M. (1999). Huxley's bulldog: The battles of E. Ray Lankester
(1846-1929). The Anatomical Record 257(3): 90-95.

Dear All,
[...]  Did Lankester believe that the headless,
radula-lacking, bivalves were primitive or derived?
             ---------Ken Kinman

Geoffrey B. Read, Ph.D.
Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
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