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Julian H wrote:
> At 10:46 AM 3/16/2009, Kenneth Kinman wrote:
>> .
>> Then Hennig's "cladifications" came along, and paraphylophobia
>> unfortunately became increasingly "fashionable".  Classifications have
>> become increasingly unstable ever since.
>>                --------Ken Kinman
> And increasing reflective of actual history as best determined by the 
> evidence.  To mash up an old quote "Stability at the expense of 
> (evolutionary) history is hardly a bargain".
I think the role of stability must be viewed in the context of just what 
it is we wish a classification to represent. There is no good reason why 
both stable and evolutionary classifications cannot coexist, except the 
insistence that hypothesized evolutionary relationships trump all other 
empirical aspects of relationship.

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