[Taxacom] papers from India and Pakistan

Virginia Bianchinotti vbianchi at uns.edu.ar
Tue Mar 17 13:46:15 CDT 2009

Dear Taxacomers

I´m trying to get pdf copies of 2 articles published in India and Pakistan. In Argentina, no library hosts these journals.

      PATEL U S, PANDEY A K, RAJAK R C. Acanthonitschkea amarkantakensis sp. nov. from India. J Mycol Pl Path 2003, 33(2), 325-326. 
      Journal of Mycology and Plant Pathology (India)
      N.D. SHARMA, Phaeopolynema suttonii. Biologia, Lahore 25(Special Su): 52 (1982) [1979]

      If someone could help I´ll be very grateful!


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