[Taxacom] Technical question

Bob Mesibov mesibov at southcom.com.au
Tue Mar 17 17:04:08 CDT 2009

Many thanks to Martin & an off-list responder, and especially to Martin
for pointing out Declaration 44.

I agree that in this case lectotypification is unnecessary. What I was
trying to understand is the nature of lectotype/paralectotype. Are they
the whole animals represented by the bits, or just the bits?

With syntypes the situation is much clearer: all the bits are syntypes.
*If* a lectotype is selected in my hypothetical case, then either

- it's the whole animal, but we don't know which bits go with which, so
we must select one bit of that whole animal, and what about the other,
unidentifiable bits?

- it's the one bit selected, in which case what about the other,
unidentifiable bits?

I'm glad I didn't go into law. Issues like this might have worried me
every day.
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