[Taxacom] reproduction of error on the www

Tony.Rees at csiro.au Tony.Rees at csiro.au
Sun Mar 22 21:45:33 CDT 2009

>From my message just now:


  Paraphysomonas antactica as well as P. antarctica
  Paraphysomonas bourellyi as well as P. bourrellyi
  Paraphysomonas coryneophora as well as P. corynephora
  Paraphysomonas diademifera as well as P. diademinifera
  Paraphysomonas faveolata as well as P. flaveolata
  Paraphysomonas foraminifera as well as P. formanifera


Just one thing I should also mention - these are in the order they appear in NameBank, the first is not necessarily either correct or incorrect (in case anyone is wondering). To resolve this is currently beyond the scope of Namebank (but not of an authoritative treatment...)

In fact Catalogue of Life (using info from AlgaeBase) makes quite a good fist of it in this case (although not all correct names are included).

- Tony

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