[Taxacom] Latin grammar-related question

John Landolt jlandolt at shepherd.edu
Wed Mar 25 06:59:16 CDT 2009

Hello again,

Not long ago I asked for advice about Latin grammar in naming a new  
species of dictyostelid slime mold in the genus Dictyostelium.   
Thanks again to all who responded with the proper spelling of a  
specific epithet to go with the neuter noun, Dictyostleium, i.e. D.  

There are a few existing species names in the same genus that may  
have been "misspelled" in that they have endings like "-sis", "-alis"  
or "-aris".

In the dictyostelid genus Polysphondylium, there is one species on  
the books named P. tikalensis.  Would this be grammatically correct?

If there is a grammatical "mistake" in such names and the names are  
already published, should such sleeping dogs be allowed to lie  
peacefully or is there a serious reason for someone to make formal  

I suspect there may be a range of opinion on this and I'm curious.



John Landolt
Research Professor of Biology, Emeritus
Shepherd University
Shepherdstown, WV

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