[Taxacom] Eccrine glands

Kenneth Kinman kennethkinman at webtv.net
Wed Mar 25 20:26:24 CDT 2009

          No, it is not that labile. Depending on
the taxon, I'm sure eccrine gland distribution could be phylogenetically
useful for some family level taxa of mammals. I certainly would include
it in a phylogenetic analysis of hominoid primates. On the other hand,
it would obviously be useless in rodent families that have no eccrine
glands.  The plesiomorphy is presence in the footpads.
Curtis wrote: 
On 2009-03-24 08:19, Kenneth Kinman wrote: 
         As for eccrine glands, one could probably
write a >whole book on their distribution. In short, different mammalian
taxa >solve their thermoregulatory problems in different ways.
Carnivores >pant (think of it as "internal sweating" through the lungs)
probably >because sweat-soaked coats would be problematic. People and
>horses with less dense coats can more freely sweat externally.
Elephants >could have done the same, but they conserve water by using
their big ears >to thermoregulate. Also depends on the availability of
water >to drink and in their food (desert animals can't afford to sweat
a >lot). 
       So are you saying that their distribution is too labile for
phylogenetic use? What is the plesiomorphy? 

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