[Taxacom] More precise sound bite

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Mon Mar 30 07:42:31 CDT 2009

The paragraph includes some historical elements that I have not studied
so I cannot judge in any informative way about its relationship to the
phylocode, but I agree with the main point that it is illogical to
suggest that all cladists support the Phylocode. That was the explicit
or implicit implication of repeated statements by Ken, and that is what
I objected to.

John Grehan 

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> On 2009-03-29 07:54, Dick Jensen wrote:
> > I never wrote that, to paraphrase your words, "all cladists are
> > proponents of Phylocode."  All that I wrote was that there is a link
> > (a rather obvious one at that) connecting cladistics and Phylocode.
> I don't think I ever said that you wrote that. I did feel that you
> pushing John Grehan's words beyond what he was trying to say.
> > Besides, I doubt that ALL who took part in the Inquisition were
> > either Christian or Catholic and, as you note, it is illogical to
> > suggest that all Christians and Catholics supported the Inquisition
> > (just as it is illogical to suggest that all self-professed (or even
> > closet) cladists support Phylocode.  But, there is clearly a link
> > connecting the Inquisition to both Christianity and Catholicism.
> I suspect that there are proponents of Phylocode who are by neither
> baptism nor dogma cladists.
> If John agrees with your paragraph, then I think you are on the same
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