[Taxacom] Top 10 species nominations

Mary Liz Jameson maryliz.jameson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 10:19:00 CDT 2009

Dear Taxacom-ers:

Nominate your favorite species described this past year!

Each year the International Institute for Species Exploration announces a
list of the Top 10 New Species for the preceding calendar year.  Last year,
the sleeper ray Electrolux addisoni was elected because of the "vigorous
sucking action" of the ray that rivals  "a well-known electrical device used
to suck the detritus from carpets, furniture, and other dust-gathering
surfaces in modern homes.”

To nominate your favorite critter, complete the nomination form at:
http://species.asu.edu/species-nomination.  The species must have been
officially described as new during the calendar year preceding. Obvious
examples of criteria for selection include “records” (largest, smallest,
etc.), “superlatives” (most, first, last, etc.), humorous or interesting
names, surprising characters, properties or distributions, etc. For
ideas, check
out last year's winners at  http://species.asu.edu/Top10

The deadline is April 1, so act fast!!

Mary Liz Jameson

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