[Taxacom] Join the EDIT Expert-in-training programme as an expert

Isa Vandevelde Isa.Vandevelde at naturalsciences.be
Tue Mar 31 08:47:40 CDT 2009

*** Please disseminate widely to potential training providers at your 
institution ***

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EDIT  -  European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy


Join the Expert-in-training programme by offering short taxonomy trainings !


The main objective of this programme is to give the opportunity to MSc & 
PhD students and early career researchers to acquire and/or to 
strengthen research skills through on-the-job training.


EDIT is now preparing the second call and it is the ultimate goal to 
offer an outstanding choice of taxonomy training programmes to the 
trainees. EDIT wants to involve also non-EDIT European institutions to 
enrich its list of existing training offers.


If you would like to propose an on-the-job-training (one week up to one 
month), please take a look at:



Thank you in advance for your interest !


Isabella Van de Velde

WP8 "Training and Public Awareness"


Dr Van de Velde Isabella


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*EDIT Summer Schools**


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