[Taxacom] FW: formation of zoological names with Mc, Mac, et

dipteryx at freeler.nl dipteryx at freeler.nl
Wed Sep 2 03:29:43 CDT 2009

Van: Stephen Thorpe [mailto:s.thorpe at auckland.ac.nz]
Verzonden: wo 2-9-2009 9:26

>Yes, I know the letter of the Code, 

The letter of the Code is of prime importance when it comes to formal names.
* * *

>but what it "REALLY MEANS" is [...]

This "what it "REALLY MEANS" " belongs in your personal universe.
* * *

>So, Examplus primus Smith, 1970 and Examplus primus Jones, 1980 are obviously homonyms [...]

Not necessarily. See what comes of this "what it "REALLY MEANS" "-approach ...


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