[Taxacom] Translation between general formats for descriptive data

Mike Dallwitz m.j.dallwitz at netspeed.com.au
Thu Sep 3 01:49:55 CDT 2009

What programs are available for translating between DELTA, Nexus, and SDD 

Our program Confor can translate from DELTA to Nexus, and the program 
nex2del.bat can translate Nexus to a DELTA 'items' file.

The Lucid Translator (available at http://lucidcentral.com) provides a 
path from DELTA to SDD via Lucid Interchange Format V2, but a lot of 
information is unnecessarily lost because of the limitations of the 
intermediate format.

Also, what products can be produced from SDD, besides the interactive keys 
and natural-language descriptions that can be produced by the Lucid Builder?

Mike Dallwitz
Contact information: http://delta-intkey.com/contact/dallwitz.htm
DELTA home page: http://delta-intkey.com

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