[Taxacom] molecular update

John Grehan jgrehan at sciencebuff.org
Thu Sep 3 08:34:01 CDT 2009

Just to keep Rob Smissen happy (?) there may be some interest on this
list to know that the molecular counter argument has started with one
prominent human evolution molecular biologist publishing a rebuttal of
the molecular critique of the orangutan evidence in a forthcoming issue
of the journal BioEssays. We have been invited to write a response and
that is now drafted and hopefully it will appear on line about the same
time as the critique (perhaps September-October). In some ways I was
surprised in the superficial (in my opinion) nature of the critique.
Given the loudness of the molecular rejection of morphology I was
expecting some pretty strong (and new) applications of systematics
principles that proved the molecular case for superiority, but it pretty
much reiterated traditional arguments. Well, that will be for others to
judge. I will let the list know when the articles are out. Maybe it will
encourage one of the molecular supporters on this list to attempt to
publish the knockout.


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