[Taxacom] FW: formation of zoological names with Mc, Mac, et

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Thu Sep 3 14:58:24 CDT 2009

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By the way, from the perspective of the ICZN Code, it seems to me that the
"give credit where credit is due" reason is the one most heavily emphasized.

Oh yes, in looking at edition after edition of the ICBN (and its predecessors)
one can track how this develops. From a botanical perspective, citable authors
can be divided into five groups which can be cited together with the name, 
with each being kept in their place by regulation of how citation is to be 
done, so that each gets proper credit.

This was mostly settled by the time de Candolle wrote his 1867 Lois. The 1935 
Rules saw a change in that the emphasis was firmly placed on the valid 

Rather illuminating is the provision as it was for a long time, essentially 
unaltered, from 1906 till it was rewritten for the 2000 Code:
"For the indication of the name of a taxon to be accurate and complete,
and in order that the date may be readily verified, it is necessary to cite the
name of the author ..."

Of course, the Code being retroactive, this stopped being true with the rewrite.


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