[Taxacom] e-editing or the sins of the modern edge?

Dr. David Campbell amblema at bama.ua.edu
Thu Sep 3 19:19:25 CDT 2009

> I got a question to all you folks out there about the whole business
> of the electronic publications. If an article is upload to the web
> page of jornal X but is found a "problem" wit it later in time, it is
> Ok for the journal to fix it and upload the new version of it to the
> web page.... or the journal has the "right" to block or discontinue
> the link to the problematic article??? I have been asking around
> about it between some editors and seems that as usual there is no
> consensus/rules about it? What happens with the old practice of if
> there are problems lets use a "fe de erratas" for it?

For electronic publications to be stable references suitable for 
publication of taxonomic names, the original version needs to be 
unchanging.  Corrigenda should be linked, though exactly how much 
electronic leeway can be given to add corrections needs to be fixed 
(cf. the current rule about detecting errors within a publication).  

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