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Here's something to think about that molecular systematists are going to have to figure out if they argue that the orangutan evidence is wrong because it conflicts with morphology. The morphological relationship with orangutans applies not only to humans, but also fossil hominids (australopiths). If this evidence is invalidated by the molecular theory then evolutionary theory is left with out any phylogenetic connection between the fossil and living representatives of the human lineage. If the orangutan similarities of humans and hominids is false then there is no empirical basis for accepting the reality of human similarities in fossil hominids either. So far the molecular theorists have sidestepped this problem. What a mess.

John Grehan

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> Maybe it will
> encourage one of the molecular supporters on this list to attempt to 
> publish the knockout.

If we were boxing I´d give it a go, alas it is by argumentation that we must feud and so I have to wait for more substantial emails to come. Maybe if you supplied the papers in question....


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