[Taxacom] A Fundamental Question for All of You Taxacomers

Una Smith una.smith at att.net
Thu Sep 3 23:30:58 CDT 2009

This is a really stale thread, but I'll post in it anyway...

On Sun, Aug 16, 2009 at 01:11:50PM -0600, Robin Leech wrote:
>Hi Taxacomers,
>Many years ago, I noticed that in severe storms with snow or 
>rain and wind, horses will rear-end into the storm.
>About the same time, I noticed under similar storm conditions 
>that cattle head-end into the storm.

Horse tails have guard hairs at the top, which effectively
weatherproof the organs under the tail.  Cattle tails do not.

	Una Smith
	New Mexico

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