[Taxacom] Making records a habit at 'Indiantreepix' google e-group- around 2200 messages in Aug'09

J.M. Garg jmgarg1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 23:39:22 CDT 2009

Dear members,

I am informing this, though it may only be indirectly related.
Making records has become a habit at 'Indiantreepix' google e-group.

We had around 2200 messages in the month of August'09, which certainly is a
record on any nature related e-group of India (though I am not aware of such
e-groups around the globe).

'Indiantreepix' now has more than 1015 members.

We also compile the data posted on the group (called Indiantreepix Database,
currently having around 2000 species of plants- which is like an e-book),
which one must see under file section at home page

‘Indiantreepix’ is playing a very vital role in creating awareness,
inculcating scientific temper, helping in identification, spreading
knowledge, bringing it within reach of a laymen, helping in documentation
etc. of Indian Flora.
With regards,
J.M.Garg (jmgarg1 at gmail.com)
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