[Taxacom] Zinnemann ? Plant collector in the West Indies

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Dear Guido

When I read the label on the photograph of the (presumed lectotype -
there are two syntypes at C) of Piper hernandifolium I interpreted the
name as Hornemann and I have been able to confirm this by checking the
database of types in the Copenhagen Herbarium, which states that the
specimen was given to Vahl by Hornemann ("ded. Hornemann"). This is
presumably Jens Wilken Hornemann (1770-1841) who was a contemporary and
colleague of Martin Vahl.

http://botanik.snm.ku.dk/english/Samlinger/Herbarier/ is the
English-language website home page of the C herbarium, is the search page for
its database of types.

However, although Hornemann was the donor of the specimen, that is not
necessarily the same as being its COLLECTOR. He is not listed in Index
Herbariorum as having collected in South America - it only lists
Denmark, Greenland, Lapland and Norway. Someone more experienced than I
would have to assist you in finding out who the actual collector might
have been, if it wasn't Hornemann. Hornemann might have been given the
specimen by a third person who actually collected it.

Best wishes, Robert

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The type of Peperomia hernandiifolia (Vahl) A.Dietr. (basionym Piper
hernandiifolium Vahl) is usually cited with an 'anonymous' collector.
However, apparently the oldest label on the holotype sheet (see TRGP at
http://www.peperomia.net/repertory.asp) mentions a name that reads like
'Zinneman' or something close. Is anybody familiar with a plant
with that name in the West Indies at the end of the 18th century (Vahl
published his species in 1804)?


Guido Mathieu,

Ghent University



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