[Taxacom] FW: formation of zoological names with Mc, Mac, et

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Yes, but the Code doesn't spell that out. That is your own subjective disambiguation/interpretation of the Code. Other people could just as justifiably have slightly different interpretations on what exactly amounts to "clear". This is fine, except that it does pose something of a problem to the prospects of automated databases. Because of the nature of a machine, it will require a single, perfectly spelled out disambiguation of the Code ...

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Clear from the contents is if the cited description is put in
quotation marks (with an explanation somewhere in the text from who
wrote the quoted texts), or if the name of the foreign contributor is
quoted below the description (not only behind the name), or if there
is an expressed statement "description was made by...".

If a name is just cited behind a name and you need secondary sources
to understand that this person provided the description, then the
author of the work is deemed to be the author of the new name.


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